So I suppose that you would be curious about the woman/legend/THE DREA... well here are a few (boring) facts:

  • My name is Andrea Golia Wangsanata
  • I'm Asian (duh)
    • Chinese/Indonesian to be more specific
    • I turn bright red when I drink =0( DAMN YOU MISSING ENZYME
      • I really like whiskey and wine though
    • I'm also somewhat lactose intolerant
      • But I don't care.. Cheese and ice cream ARE GREAT!!
  • I grew up in Queens
    • I'm second generation American
    • Let's go METS!
  • I'm an only child
    • I was raised by a single mom! She's AWESOME :D
  • I graduated from Syracuse University,
    • I got a degree in PARTYINGGggGgg.. JK. I was a dual PR/Poli Sci major. But I did partyyy...
  • I used to have a super cool job working in digital marketing at Edelman Digital 
    • This means I was on Twitter and Facebook the wholee day doing stuff :) 
    • This also explains my love for bullet point lists... #corporatelife
  • Then in March 2015, I quit my job. I traveled for about 17 glorious months.
    • Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, though I'm not quite at the end of my journey. I recently relocated to Sydney where I'm hoping to re-enter the workforce! 
  • I take pics with my Nikon D5000, Galaxy S 5, Samsung NX 1000 and GoPro
  • I like exclamation marks !!!! and adding excess amounts of letters to emphasize my point
    • LIKE THISSsSSSsSSsSSsS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm a very silly person
  • I also listen to NPR,  read the NY Times, and like watching the Sunday morning talk shows.. u can decipher what this means to you :) 

Someone also did a write-up on me here.. i guess andy warhol was right when he said, "in the future, everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame."

If you're still feeling nosyyyyy... just holler at me with any questions :)