New year, not so new me....

SOooOOOoo it's January 31 and I have pretty much failed miserably at blogging more often (one of my new years resolutions!) FORTUNATELY i'm chinese, which means I'll be celebrating Chinese New Year sooon sooooooo... my diet starts then, i swear, along with other delusions of grandeur. YAY!! Ahhhh, the perks of being Asian (which also includes being good at math, looking like a teenager till im 50 and never having to pack a blowdryer or straighter since my hair always dries straight.)

Why am I so fixated about blogging? Wellll....***

  • I recently read a NYTimes article that was about how writing about your life  & editing it seems to make some people happier. Apparently when you edit your narrative, you're able to look at your situation with a more objective lens & re-evaluate your circumstance, which helps people put thinks into perspective. And who couldn't use a little more perspective?!?!? 
  • I feel like I can't remember anything nowadays. Maybe it's because my days are sooo routine & they all mesh together or maybe the vices of my youth have finalllyyyyy caught upp (so many holees in my brain) but I feel like I'm forgetting things & it makes me sad. Life is really just a series of memories and when i can't recall things, it makes me feel like i'm not really living.. which is obviously my worst fear (hellooo.. livingthedrea does not mean sitting on my ass every day!)

So there... that's why I'm going to write more. To be happier & to be alive :) I WAS HERE AND I LIVED PEOPLE (these are for the folks who are going to be reading this in the year 3024 when this shit is catalogued in the library of Congress cus i'm a motherfuckin national treasure... HOLLLERrrrRrR) 

***sorry for the bullets, but I have discovered from my very corporate job that bullets make people more likely to read shit cus i makes it look shorter and concise but really, i'm just fucking rambling