Amigas in Cartagena


Sorry, last post was pretty quickly done plus the images were kinda shitty cus WiFi was being a bit wonky plus I was leaving to get on a bus, so I went back & uploaded better versions (see how thoughtful I am!)

ANYWHOSE, I went back to Cartagena after leaving Santa Marta a few days ago to meet up with my beautiful & wonderful friend, Katy Kosey, who graciously allowed me to join her on her trip. She arrived to Colombia on the 10th for a wedding, along with a few of her friends. We met up with the bridal party at Plaza Santo Domingo in the Old City on their first night in town and did a bit of people watching, dancing, and drinking... AHH i love open container laws!!!

Dancing & stufffff

Dancing & stufffff

The next day we walked around the Old City in the morning--we're going to do a tour in about 2 days, so I'll have lots moreeee interesting information about that soon enough (woohoo history lesson!!) Katy went to the wedding at night, while me and the other girls decided to grab dinner around our apartment in Bocagrande (Big Mouth.. kinda fitting for me dontcha thing?) where we met a beautiful Colombian woman who told us she loved NYC because all her favorite shows take place there like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Sadly, I did not want to break her heart & tell her that NY is actually nothing like what she sees on TV so we changed the subject and asked her for her favorite places to go out in Cartagena. An hour later we were at Mister Babilla, which was a fun bar/club venue outside of the Old Town.


We were initially the only gringos (yes, I’m a gringooo cus I’m American.. but always and forever a China) at the bar, so we danced with a few locals and then met a group of 12 handsome Dutchmen who we chatted with for most of the night… we got back around 2am and then realized that in order to get to the beach we wanted to go to the next day, we had to wake up at 8…

So six short hours later, we were sleepily on our way to Playa Blanca/Isla de Rosario. After some confusion, we crammed into one of the fast boats and were off to Playa Blanca. When we were about to get off, one of the guys told us that Isla de Rosario was prettier, so we stayed on. We later figured out Rosario was NOT actually a beach, but a place we could go snorkeling. Stupid me grabbed a 5000 peso instead of a 50,000 peso, so I almost couldn’t join in, but luckily the girls pooled in their money and one of the guys felt bad for us, so he gave us a little discount and then everyone was able to go!


It was really pretty…. as noted above, because I’m an idiot, I left my waterproof case for my GoPro, so I couldn’t take any shots, but I did see a rainbow fish (like from the children’s book!!) We later got back on the boat, which went back to Playa Blanca, where we had a yummy lunch and laid out in the sun (well.. I did. some of the other girls hid!)


We got back on the boat around 3:30 and MAN, it was a firkin terrifying experience. The waves were huge, and the boat was not so huge, so it felt like we were flying around everywhere. I was getting smacked and soaked by all the water. Luckily, we all survived, and I’m now typing stuff and uploading photos. We're going to a volcano thing and going to take a tour of the Old Town so hopefullylyy i'll have more interesting stuff up soon!!!