¿Por Que No?

Sooooooo it's been a fun few daysss traveling to Popayan and San Agustin. To be perfectly honest, the places are not the mostttt exciting...  They're both pretty but tiny towns. There were lots of churches in Popayan and old ruins at San Agustin, but at this point, I'm kinda over churches and the ruins were cool but they're still super mysterious (aka there's not a lot of info about them) i did enjoy my time, though especially since I met two super awesome German guys on my walk to the hostel in Popayan. We got some food and ended up watching the sunset on the top of the hill together and decided to all head over to san agustin the next day, which despite only being 130km away took about 4 hours cus there were parts of the road that haven't been built yet... we had loads of fun and got into some mischief which I can't describe here since it's a familyyyy friendly site (sorrrry y'allllls) but the whole theme of the past few days was POR QUE NO... which translates to why not??

The PG version includes horseback riding in San Agustin through some old ruins.. even though I've got horseback riding a few times in my life, I was extremely nervous this time around since i started off with a crazy horse who always wanted to be at the front of the pack... smh. We did have the cutestttt co-guide, Santiago... I was absolutely smitten by him.

He was 8 years old and told me his favorite subjects in school were english and math... and that he also didn't like to dance, but really liked soccer, and had a little pretty girlfriend (hehe). We later found out was abandoned by his mom when he was a baby and that his dad was an alcoholic... an unfortunately common story not only in colombia, but in most impoverished community. After we finished our ride, we told him to study hard in school and continue learning English because it'll open up so many doors.

Anyway... I'm finally back up north (warm weather woohoo!!) I'll (hopefully) be going paragliding and rafting, which should be awesome :)