Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers following my last post. The outpouring of messages from loved ones back home and even travelers who I only spent a few days, or even hours with, has provided me some comfort while being away from home.I’ve tried to sort out my insurance, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to make it back for the funeral so writing is giving me some solace when I'm far from home.

I apologize in advance for the sad, ThoughtCatalogish post… but like life, LivingTheDrea is not just full of happy moments.. it's filled with a wide range of emotions: joy, sadness, anger, annoyance, etc. and if you know me.. i can be a very emotional person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

I’ve been spending the past few days mourning and reflecting in Slovenia, a small but magnificently stunning and serene country (it looks like a fairy tale!)  I cried my eyes out sitting on the edge of Lake Bled, but also found incredible peace just being there and acknowledging how beautiful it was & how small and insignificant I felt, surrounded by the Julian Alps (Sorry, I know.. so cheesy.)

I was able to spend a decent amount of of time alone, which was what I needed, but I also befriended some of the kindest and most thoughtful people I’ve met on my trip thus far. We explored caves, rowed boats, rode bikes, hiked up to some waterfalls, jumped into lakes, drank at outdoor cafes overlooking Italy, and shared food and wonderful conversations. They helped me feel some sense of normalcy.. that it was OK to laugh and to make jokes and to be happy while still thinking about Chris. I really enjoyed spending time with them and even though I didn’t reveal what was going on at home (didn’t want to be a debbie downer), meeting them really helped me get thru some of the harder moments of my day. I know that as each day passes, it will hurt slightly less, though the pain never really goes away. I can deal with that though because i know I'll carry his memory with me forever.