I got it from my Mama

Hi everyone!!! I’m finally catching up after attending to some of my daughterly/touristy duties.. it’s been an exhausting few days, as you can see from the massive amount of text and photos from below (This is what happens when you have an Asian mom who wants to document things.. no we don't have a selfie stick!) but it’s been great being with my mom (my bank account and belly certainly agree!!) We’ve been working our way thru Prague and Budapest, and now we’re heading to Croatia for some fun in the sun :) One thing to note about my mom, she’s a backpacker at heart (she did Amsterdam and Luxembourg after she graduated college many moons ago, along with Greece a little later!) but obviously she’s not as young as she used to be, so while we’re attempting to take the cheap, fun way aka public transport and night trains… she obviously has the money to spend so we’ve done some taxis and fancy dinners too :)

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