My Anaconda Don't Want Noneeeee

Hola peeps... I've returned to south america once again! after spending six glorious weeks in Colombia at the start of my trip... i knew i had to come back to the continent and do a bit more exploring.  Despite my love for Europe and my personal connections in Asia... i've always had a deep infatuation with south america.  Maybe it's because I spent my life growing up with Latinos (my nickname growing up was chinita applebum as a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest and my butttt), but I've always felt both at ease and yet completely compelled by the various cultures that make up Latin america... they're  all unique in their own ways but also all extremely lively, joyous, open, and spirited.. quite different than a lot of the more stoic Asian cultures... plus u also have a ton of untouched, natural beauty on the continent that u just can't find anywhere else...  In short, I'm happy to be back!! 

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