Chasing Waterfalls, Shots & Dreams (Never Men!)


I've finallllly left Quito, where I spent far more days than I anticipated with some good company, and made it to Banos, where I've been exerting a ton of energy doing a ton of adrenaline packed activities like canyoning down waterfalls and swinging on the edge of the world at Casa del Arbol and riding donwhill on fucked up bikes in terrible weather to chase waterfalls CUS YOLO (and cus I'm a 90s babies!!)...  Elizabeth, my friend from home, has also arrived, so we've spent a lot of time giggling/catching up/sharing meals and laughing at all the terrible decisions that were made the night beforeee.. ITS SO GOOD TO HAVE HER HEREEEE.. we're LITERALLY having THE BEST TIME EVER.. LITERALLY (for extra emphasis!!)

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