Ever since I stopped working last Friday, this trip is beginning to feel more real....which also means my emotions are alllllll over the place. One minute I'm super excited, then I'm terrified, then anxious, then sad... but then I come back around and I get really, really excited again. Everyone has been so extraordinarily supportive, which has made saying goodbye extra hard.

A lot of my frustrations have been about the packing situation. I'll be living out of a backpack for at least half a year and while I'd like to think of myself as someone who can detach herself from things... it's really hard!!! After lots of packing and un-packing, some panicking, a few tears (and of course, a couple of glasses of red wine..) I thinkkkkkk I have everything I need, and nothing more.  I have no desire to be running around with a massive pack and tipping over (though imagine how fit I'd get!!!)

All the essentials--clothing, toiletries and electronics

All the essentials--clothing, toiletries and electronics

Surprisingly, canceling my cell line was the most distressing part of this whole ordeal. I got my number when Voicestream (!!!) was a company... so basically it's been FOREVER. I've gone thru many phones (sidekicks 2&3, blackberry, iphone 3&4, galaxy s 4&5), given out my number to plenty of dudes (only to later avoid them and label them as DO NOT ANSWER in my contacts) but I've always had one number. I know I can still keep in touch with friends via skype, facebook messenger, and gchat, but still. I'M SAD!!!!! but i can't think about it too much since I'm leaving in 4 more frikin days...