The Essentials

In addition to being super entertaining, I want this blog to be somewhat educational (UGH LEARNINGGGGGGG) so that people can plan their own trips (to see me!)  I know planning can be overwhelming, so hopefully this will be a helpful resource!

Along with anti-diarrhea pills, toilet seat covers, and my passport, I'm packing the rest of my essentials (which were all purchased at the very last minute cus I'm soooo responsibile!) It would be shitttttyy to leave home without these things! (toilet humor joke harhar)

  • International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) Apparently, I justttt made it as a youth.. $30 if you're under 26. Good for an array of discounts.
  • Travel insurance $100 for a year of coverage which includes medical expenditures, trip cancellations, and some other morbid scenarios which i'd rather not mention (but that you can read about if you click the link) Plus  it came with an IYTC so why wouldn't ya just get it?
  • Selfie stick for my GoPro The website is calling it a "3 way mount" but I'm just gonna use it for selfies cus #Asian
  • Tiger Balm Also very #Asian but amazing for curing aches, itchy bites, nausea, putting in some creep's eyeballs, etc. It's a lifesaver