Tel Aviv, you're magniv

HI GUYS. I've decided that I'm going to move to Tel Aviv.... guess this is the end of #livingthedrea.

No, I’m not really doing that.. but still.. it’s awfully tempting because i've absolutely fallen for this city...

Seriously. WHAT.  A. PLACE. There's just an electrifying energy I haven't felt in other cities.. PLUS beautiful beaches, beautiful architecture, delicious foods (fun fact, TLV has the third most sushi restaurants in the world, behind Tokyo and NYC), funky art, great nightlife, and REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE. Seriously.. everyone looks like a model here including my wonderful hosts, Offir, Erez and Near.

They have an amazing apartment right in the center of the city  (how do I always get so lucky?!)… and graciously invited me to all their fun activities, which included a drunken night on Dizengoff where one of their friends, Dana, taught me the cheer "Lechaim, lemamonm, ve lezayen hamon" which translates to "for life, for wealth, and to fuck a lot" (yessss) and a memorable trip on a commando boat in Herzliya, with another kick ass chick, Naomi and a SUP board (As a side note, Israeli women are all SO BAD ASS.. AND GORGEOUS)

My friend from college, Matan, also happened to be in town for his sister’s wedding so we also met up and stayed out till the weeeeee hours of the morning drinking & catching up :) We had a lot to talk about after 4+ years :D

I did a little bit of the touristy stuff, like exploring Old Jaffa, which is a part of Tel Aviv that’s ~4500 years old but since i arrived on a weekend, most of the museums were closed… ohwell… u win some, you lose some. I did check out Rothschild Blvd late at night with a local guy named Eyal, who actually grew up in TLV (quite rare) and saw some of the Bauhaus architecture, which is where Tel Aviv gets the nickname the White City.. andddd he brought me to one of his favorite bars, Rothschild 12, where an AWESOME AMAZING BAND, The Jewish Monkeys, were playing. SERIOUSLY. they were fantastic.. a weird blend of Yiddish, electronic, folky music. SO COOL.

honestly TLV has gone above and beyond my expectations.. though i’m not sure what i was expecting.. i definitely thought it would feel more militarized but i haven’t spotted one single cop or IDF soldier.. it seriously feels like I’m just hanging out in LA or Barcelona, two of my favorite cities in the world.. Tel Aviv is definitely working its way up there on my list :) I just love the energy of the place and I'm so sad to leave :(