Wonder(s) of the World

i'm back in TLV (just can't quit it!) for the last few days of my stay in this part of the world.. i'm staying with a beautiful half Japanese, half Israeli American chica, May, whose a friend of a friend from back home (HI HILARY!!!) She's been living in TLV for a little over 2 years after spending a semester in BeerSheeba & decided to come back after she finished school.. It's been a fun few days bumming on the beach, drinking wine, eating vegan and laughing at European men trying to hit on us (mostly her!) we had dinner with a group of her friends who also studied abroad with her and have since immigrated to Israel aka doing aliyah.. UM HOW DO I SIGN UP??! coincidentally, her friends and i had mutual friends from back home (small world.. right?!) LOOK HOW HAPPY (and tan) I LOOK!!

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